The N00b helps

The N00b helps

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In the world of fandom and entertainment, I feel that people seldom realize or appreciate just how much goes into a movie or a convention or anything that’s put together to show audiences an unforgettable experience. It’s not like fingers are snapped and everything just comes into place. It can be hectic, stressful, and even dramatic.

Today, I helped set up the booth for Rocky Point Haunted House in the Vendor Hall, which gave me an idea of all the hassle that goes on behind the scenes. It was also an exciting sneak peek on what’s in store.
It was more exciting than waiting by the fire place for Santa to come down!
We pulled into the loading dock with at least three men yelling at us about where to park, what to do, and to get our truck out ASAP. Obviously having a bad day… After hauling all the equipment into the hall (which was way bigger than I’d imagined) I was given the chance to walk around, explore the venue and sneak a preview for some of the attractions.


I tried to put in my best Peter Parker eyes and get some pics, but failed miserably. Here are some results (sent from my iPhone):


It’s weird to see the place so empty, knowing what to expect.
I also had a fantasy that I’d bump into one of the big stars who’ll be attending. No dice.
Valerie also got me acquainted with some of the people who’ll “take care of” me. I’ll also be getting backup from my father and my friend Jonny, who can be considered Comic Com veterans.
Do I even need to point out that I’m pumped?
Until tomorrow!




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