Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 Day 2

Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 Day 2

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Wow. This day’s gonna be harder to write than yesterday.

My first order of business this day was to buy my own lightsaber from Ultra Sabers, and an Energy Sword for my brother who wasn’t able to attend this year. And if you know me or my brother, you know this means that my mom has a new world of worry to look towards.
After that and a panel about killing our favorite characters (Moment of silence for all the victims that fell at the hands of Joss Whedon), I figured it was high time to meet some famous people.
So, at the recommendation of the Convention Survival, I went all the way upstairs to attend Animaniacs Live!, a Q&A panel featuring the voice actors of The Brain, Pinky/Yacko, Wacko and Dot. I’ve been an avid lover of The Animaniacs since I was, like, two. So, this panel was a breath of fresh air. We sang songs from the show, re-enacted some inside jokes; it was like the show never ended. My inner two year old was in pure bliss! And that was just the beginning.

Followed by that was my geek/hero (one of ’em, anyway), Felicia Day. Man, I love this girl. If you haven’t watched her web show The Guild, or read her latest memoir, You’re Never Weird On the Internet (Almost), drop everything and get started. This girl is an inspiration in every sense. I couldn’t wait to ask her more about her journey from social recluse to online superstar. I was anxious to see what words of wisdom she could give to a little boy trapped in Utah whose only dream was to become the next geek icon. The most frustrating part was that people kept wasting time asking stupid, irrelevant trivia questions. (“What did you think of [so and so] when [such and such] happened in [this show]?) I was the second to next to ask my question before we ran out of time. But, I guess not all dreams are meant to come true. At least not in one weekend.

Immediately after, in the same room, was the panel of Anthony Daniels, which was way more entertaining. Why? Because Anthony Daniels told us his story. No BS questions that grabbed no one’s interest. He played with the fans, he shared his love for the material. I really felt like I was getting to know the person in ways you don’t read in interviews. No Force Awakens spoilers, though. He told us he was wired and that he’d be shocked if he tried anything. I yelled, “Show us!” and he gave me a cold stare. Yip. My ten seconds of comedy with C-3P0!
I can’t wait to get photos with both of those people.

Oh, and how’d the world record attempt go? Well…WE BROKE IT! 1,086!!! WHAT’S UP!?

But the Groot costume was a disaster. I’m doing Deadpool next time. Deadpool’s have all the fun.
I can’t believe tomorrow marks the end. I’m looking forward to that being the best day. I *will* get into that Chris Evans panel!

And tell you all about it.

Ryan Saunders
“The N00b”


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