Nerdy News by our “N00b”

Nerdy News by our “N00b”

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My first day at Salt Lake Comic Con 2015

Writing about this is gonna be a lot easier said than done. I should’ve posted some live updates, or the like. But I was doing so much that I just couldn’t find time to update before my next stop. Seriously guys, just the first seven hour day has been exciting, overwhelming, even revelatory.


The day started out, honestly, a little scary. The first picture shows where I was in line before they opened the floor. I was excited to be surrounded by people with the same passions I had, having fun observing who was dressed as whom. The scary part was worrying about if I’d be able to fight through that crowd. Dad and Jonny had to work and would join me later in the day. So, I was on my own.

Imagine a tiny freshman who walks into a football field in gear that’s three sizes too big on him, facing a whole team of giant senior players who are ready to crush him. That’s how I felt.
But once the doors open and the bedlam started, there was really nothing to it. Sure, you had to dodge some groups now and then, but all that talk about three hour lines and the stress of running from panel to panel, I don’t know what they’re talking about! There was plenty of time to browse booths and enjoy some great discussions, today ranging from Enterprise captains and what they represent (Kirk was inarguably the favorite), to how to scare the crap out of people in writing, to starting your first fan film.
That last one I mentioned was why I said earlier that the day was revelatory. For some time, two of my greatest desires have been to make a Star Wars fan film that summed up everything Star Wars means to me, and a Joker/Harley Quinn rom-com. But, as was pointed out in this panel, too many people allow themselves to submit to fear or stress, and don’t follow through with what they’re passionate about. I mean, really, what’s stopping you?
Sobering thought, huh? If there’s something we claim to be passionate about, how much do we show that we really care?
And that seems to be what the spirit of Comic Con is all about. People who can proudly go out in character, in front of God and everybody, sharing what they love with fellow lovers.
My kind of people, my kind of place.
No celebrities today, but on Friday I plan to meet Felicia Day, Queen of the Geeks and personal hero, as well as the one and only C-3P0, Anthony Daniels. Jonny and I will also be participating the World Record Attempt for Largest Gathering of Comic Book Characters. He’s gonna be Star Lord and I’m Dancing Baby Groot.
Lots more fandom coming your way!
Oh, and I also got a comic based on George Lucas’ rough draft of “The Star Wars”! How cool is that!?!?!?
Ryan Saunders
“The N00b”

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