Flava Creative is the development and management sector of Flava Entertainment Productions. Flava Creative can help you in all aspects of your entertainment project: creative directing for fashion shows, photo shoots, dance concerts, music videos, film and personal endorsement.







Zombie Prom Commercial/
Music Video
Flava did choreography for this
flash mob at 2011 Sundance Film


Creative Director

We can choreograph your runway show, help cast talent and have a space for rehearsals and auditions. Backstage crew and onsite lighting and development is also available.

 marian haley paris


We work with some of the best photographers in Utah. Our “house” photographer is Alan Smith from Lazy Eye Photography. He works with Flava Entertainment Productions on every event and project.

 red brooklyn
 zprom1 lazyeyepic
 lazyeyepic2 lE2


Utah Behind the Scenes


Flash Mobs