Bob Trewartha

Business Consultant-Marketing-Line Producer-Director of Funding


Bob has a master’s degree in management, In the past year, he has been getting more and more involved in the management of entertainment productions and events. His extensive knowledge in teaching, marketing, business and management makes him a huge part of the success of Flava Entertainment Productions and the growth and professionalism of our company of ongoing projects.

*Business Owner: Political, Business and Education Consulting
*Network Dean, Business Programs: Globe University, Minnesota School of Business, Broadview University
*More than 15 years of teaching experience
*More than 25 years of management experience
*Created, implemented and administered seven new business college degrees
*Two-time winner of Network Dean of the Year (Globe University)
*Teacher of the Year award in 2003 from MCCA (Minnesota Career College Association)
*Multiple winner of Teacher of the Quarter: Minnesota School of Business
*Director of Campus and Program Promotions: Globe University, Minnesota School of Business and Broadview University
*Member of management team that created, opened and built Broadview Entertainment Arts University
*National speaker on business topics, education strategies and at graduations