Chris Evans! It happened.

Chris Evans! It happened.

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I can’t believe it’s already over. Why do the greatest things in life always need to be so fleeting?

My final day should be the easiest to write about; the hard part would be giving the Con a proper conclusion.
My friend and I arrived a little after 8:00, as lottery winners for the Chris Evans panel, and sat ever so patiently for an hour and a half for the panel to begin. Just to see the man who’s played the most comic book characters in a career was exciting, and that fans actually asked relevant questions that let us get to know the star a little more was greatly appreciated. Things really picked up when Anthony Mackie and Hayley Atwell snuck up from behind him. Those three together with a legion of fans in one large ballroom was a panel for the books!
Unfortunately Chris and Hayley had to leave early for some photo ops, which meant that I had to be on my way, too. 😉 Let me tell you, now I’m beginning to understand the talk about long lines that last an hour, and with so many people to get through there’s not a whole lotta time to geek out on ’em. Literally all I could do was say, “Hey, guys! Big fan! Love your work!” “Thanks, dude. We love you, too!” Take a pic, NEXT! They probably thought I was a spaz… And the excitement on my face shows just a little too much.
And that was my time with Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell.
Gratefully, though, I was able to have just a little more one-on-one time with Felicia Day. I brought my copy of her book for her to sign and had a photo op with her later that day. I said, “Y’know, I really love your stuff.” and she said, “Thanks, Ryan. You have excellent taste.” and I said “It’s more than that. Learning about you and your story, it almost feels like I’m reading my own story…” and so on and so on about what an inspiration she’s been to me. We both got a little emotional. It was a good moment. I told her I looked forward to working with her, and she said she would, too. Seed planted? Maybe?
After that and the photo, my dad and I took some time to browse around the vendor hall, and we able to get pictures with R2-D2 (like, a REAL R2-D2!), the Batmobile from 1966 (that car has EVERYTHING!) and even a good visit with Richard Hatch, Apollo of the original Battlestar Galactica, the only one I’ll watch, I told him. He was so chill. He even gave me card for his acting clinic when I told him what I wanted to do with my life! Again, opportunity? Maybe?
Then it was time to get clobbered into another line for a photo op with Anthony Daniels.That guy knows how to love his fans. Let me tell you. I was the last one to walk in, knees about to just quit on me. I go in and tell him that I claim to be his biggest fan. He says, “Well in that case, you get to hold my dolly!” and he gave me the C-3P0 doll he was holding. Again, too much excitement…But I actually got to shake his hand and thank him for all of the good times. What really blew my mind was that C-3P0 is the same height that I am…Never imagined…
After that was a couple of fun panels about two of my favorite things: The Spielber/Lucas Era and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Back to simplicity with a bunch of nerds discussing what we love and why we love it.
And that was it…
My last selfie is of me outside the Salt Palace, wondering what I do now. Start a fan film? Write a comic? Try to reach out to Felicia Day again? (I’ll give that last one a month and see where I am…).
My first Comic Con was a dream come true. I can’t think of a sufficient word to express my feelings throughout this weekend. Life-changing, maybe? I spent the past three days doing nothing more than sharing my passion for “childish nonsense” that gives me joy, purpose and even hope for better days to come. I don’t know when I’ll return, next year or later, but I ended this first one with a sort of conviction of why I love the things I love, and what I’m gonna do with that love.
Best. Weekend. Ever!
Ryan Saunders
“The N00b”



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